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Small HD 701 Lite Monitor

Small HD 701 Lite Monitor


With its 450 cd/m² LCD screen, the SmallHD 701 Lite 7" monitor is designed for monitoring HD video sources. The 701 Lite has HDMI jacks to connect to video sources or others equipment.For power supply, Canon LP-E6 or Sony L series batteries can be used, without changing the plate.


  • HDMI socket
  • 7" screen, 1200x800
  • Brightness: 450 cd/m²
  • Inputs for LP-E6 and L-Series (NP-F) batteries
  • User definable presets
  • Rental price

    The price displayed corresponds to one (1) day of rental. For a weekly rental, we will charge a total of three (3) days.

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