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Nanlux Evoke 1200 5600K

Nanlux Evoke 1200 5600K


A revolutionary 1.2 kW LED light that blends unprecedented levels of clear, bright LED lighting with multiple configuration options. The Evoke 1200 offers astonishing flicker-free levels, the light is dimmable with a precision of 0.1%, comparable to that of a 2.5K HMI Fresnel lamp.



  • Power: 1200w

  • CCT: 5600K

  • Resistant to outdoor weather (IP54)

  • Remote control

  • Multitude of possible effects

  • NL mount

  • Fresnel F35 included

  • Additional Information

  • Rental price

    The price displayed corresponds to one (1) day of rental. For a weekly rental, we will charge a total of three (3) days.

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